• The first one...

    9 Years ago my sister asked me to design an invitation for my nephew's 3rd birthday. We lived in different countries at the time and she needed an invite she could print herself.

    I opened a Word document and started...

    And without realising it, that was the start of Oh Ok Digital Design.

    Whenever I compare some of those first designs to the recent ones, I am always amazed by how much a person is capable of growing, learning, improving & evolving. The same can be said for technology!

    Sometimes you see the progress within a month, sometimes it takes a year.

    Trust the process... It may take you 9 years to realise your dream is maybe more than just simply a dream...

  • My space

    My office was the second space in our house that we renovated from top to bottom.

    Filling it with sentimental items - dad-in-law's desk, granny's crochet tablecloth, family photo's and little trinkets from our travels, made this a very, very happy space.

    An essential mood to be in to get creative...

    I have been blessed with - as I like to call it - the "positivity gene". So the essential happy mood is well-known to me. I simply believe everything will always work out. Naive maybe. But does it always work out?

    Oh yes it does.

  • About me

    Since I was a little girl, stationery shops and hardware stores have always fascinated me. It provided endless motivation to create, make, build… Growing up in a Namibian dorpie with only one family-run stationery shop, you were forced to create beautiful things with basic supplies.

    As both myself and technology “grew up” (the one growing older and the other one newer) I was fascinated with how I could manipulate a simple Word-document into something colourful and beautiful.

    I love a stunning font, a bright colour, a gorgeous logo, symmetry…

    This is what I do. And I love it.

    Retha Kruger

    -Western Cape, South Africa